Bradford Cycling Festival 2019

Find out what’s going on in the weeks running up to the UCI World’s race in Bradford. Rides, family activities, arts, food and culture. It’s a big celebration of Bradford’s Cycling Scene!

Dame Sarah Storey – Gold Medallist and Cycling Commissioner for Sheffied

Apart from the race itself, particular highlights are:

  • Community Celebration Ride and Pedal Powered Cinema event on the Friday evening before the ride.
  • A day of fun for the whole family featuring Dr Bike, free minor repairs and a fun cycling session for kids will be happening on the Saturday of the race itself (28th Sept). Special Guest Dame Sarah Storey will be visiting us shortly after the race.
  • Relax and unwind with pot luck food (bring and share), music and a bar at Capital of Cycling in the evening after the race.

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  • Dear Sir/Madam

    I spoke to a lovely gentleman on Saturday on your premises after the cycle event. You were very kind to all us Volunteers. I was extremely interested in coming to your learning to ride cycling lessons tomorrow Unfortunately circumstances seem to be conspiring against me thus I cannot make the dinner time lesson I may be able to get the 3-5 class. But it all really depends on what time the engineer arrives and put things right in my home.

    Therefore I am wondering if it would be best to leave it this time, and get to the next one instead. Obviously that is if there will be another class. If so, is the class every week or monthly? Also does it need to be booked and if so how is it down please? As I reiterate I may still be able to make it, but without booking it may cause problems all around

    Be so grateful if so would be kind enough to let me know about these things, Thank you in anticipation In the meantime I remain

    Yours faithfully
    M Hodgkinson

    • Hi Marjorie – apologies I’ve just seen this, but you could still pop along today if you’re local and talk to the instructor.

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