New Lessons – Free Introduction to riding on traffic free cycle paths

We’re delighted to announce the introduction of new adult cycling lesson, as Darren our instructor calls it, this is “a rolling cycling lesson starting at our training centre. We explore the off road cycle paths nearby.”

Participants will need to be comfortable and confident with their ability to:-

  • make the bike where you want it to go
  • swerve
  • use gears (able to change up or down a gear easily)
  • controlled stopping and emergency stopping
  • cycling one handed to indicate is useful but not essential
  • looking over your shoulder to help with awareness of other path users

There may be a couple of short quiet street sections shared with motor traffic where your instructor will act as your guide. These sections may be walked instead if you are not quite ready.

Within the National Standards Framework, this lesson is pitched at Level 1.5, ideal for those who have completed most of their level 1 training sessions (or have equivalent abilities listed above).

These sessions are currently running every Wednesday morning at 9:30, starting from Capital of Cycling in Bradford. Check our Eventbrite pages for the latest schedule, and to book your place. The sessions are 3 hours and 45 minutes long.

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