Introduction to On-Road Riding Now Available

If you ride a bike and do the basic things you need to do to get around in a park or canal-path but aren’t confident using your bike around residential traffic, then this is the course for you.

It’s normal to feel some anxiety around vehicles – they’re big and made of metal and you don’t have a shield. However there are a number of techniques which can make you feel and be safe around cars.

This course does not send you straight into a busy roundabout and you won’t be forced to do anything you’re not prepared for or that isn’t safe.

Instead our professional instructor will be helping you at junctions and crossings, advising you on road position and how to get the best, safest and most relaxing riding experience.

This course is known as a Level 2 National Standards course. It is two hours long and you can book several if you want to. Book here:

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