COVID-19 Statement

Updated 21st Jan 2021

Due to the Corona Virus pandemic we had to cancel most organised group activities. There is also no public access to our workshop at this time. We’re very sorry that we’ve had to do this to play our small part in combating the spread of Covid-19.

We are running free minor bike repairs on Fridays however.

Through lockdown – we set up a free bikes for NHS and support staff project: Find out more.

We’re reflecting with partners Bradford Bikery, Cycling 4 All and others if there are ways we can use cycling and our supply of bikes to help the people of Bradford somehow in this difficult time. Feel free to drop us a line if you have any ideas about this.

We are offering limited volunteer maintenance activities (although these too may need to be curtailed pending further advice) and are looking for ways we can still ‘get Bradford cycling’ for health and for the future.

We’ve also been running free minor repairs on Fridays. These are half-hour free maintenance slots funded by Big Bike Revival from Cycling UK. To make use of these, you can drop your bike in on a Thursday or Friday morning and one of our mechanics will have a look at it on the Friday. We’ll take some details from you at the point you drop it off.

Best wishes,

David Robison (Director, Capital of Cycling) –

Is it Still Safe to Cycle?

We’re still advocating cycling as a healthy individual activity that can help us in the months ahead. Use sensible precautions and follow the advice of health professionals. Just as before the outbreak, we would argue that a lack of exercise and fresh air is more dangerous to human health than careful cycling.

Sensible and safe cycling is outdoors and can be done individually or with your children. It could be just what we need to help boost immune systems, keep our spirits up. It is also a lot less likely to transmit the virus than travelling on public transport, or in taxis – and the environmental benefits over private cars don’t need re-stating.

Of course – we are not health experts and our advice is merely based on our own assessments and the things we’re reading online – just like you. If you’ve been told to self-isolate or have symptoms, then hopefully it’s obvious that that’s what you should do.

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