Capital of Cycling has been saved (at least for now)!

We’re happy to report that thanks to NCP execs, we’ve managed to retain our tenancy of the building for now, on a temporary basis.  There are still some specifics to be negotiated for a longer term contract and we have a challenging schedule of work to undertake on the building, so it’s all hands on deck.  If you know qualified tradespeople, especially electricians who might be able to donate some time or provide quality work for a good price, we’d be very happy to hear from you.  We rely on input from our volunteers as a community based rather than commercial operation, although we’re hoping to secure some of the funds through rates relief to to cover the work NCP require, and so we’re optimistic with help from friends and partners that the hub is here to stay for a while yet!

How you can still help:

  • Volunteer and get involved in activities in the hub (building improvements and qualified electrics especially welcome at the moment but there’s lot of other interesting bike related and community stuff).
  • Help us get the discretionary rates bill from Bradford council waived (writing to councillors or if you work in the council pulling the right strings!) As a charity with meanwhile use which feeds into a supports Bradford Council activities, we hope they might look favourably on this.
  • Support our events and coalition partners.

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