Bikes for Refugees Project

For years now we’ve been supporting asylum seekers and refugees by gifting bikes and providing activities such as bike maintenance drop-ins, volunteering opportunities and training.

We donate 10 or more bikes every week to refugees and asylum seekers. A bike can be a life-changing resource when you’re dropped in a new place without much in the way of financial support. We also support people in learning to ride and help connect people with local resources.

It’s health-giving, free, transport and entertainment for young and old.

With refugees from the war in Ukraine arriving, we anticipate increased demand for this project and would appreciate your support in being to offer more bikes to more people.

We’ve recently set up a JustGiving page for this activity.

Ukrainian refugees with a bike

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  • Hi. I volunteer with Care 4 Calais, a charity which helps refugees in South London. Many of the people we help cannot afford transport in London but they need to get to important appointments etc. Are you able to provide bikes for them? Also, bikes are often popular with their children who live in cramped conditions and don’t have many opportunities to let off steam. Might you be able to help with bikes for them? We’d be really grateful as we are struggling to meet demand via the Bike Project. Thanks very much.

    • Hi Peter,

      We just operate in Bradford and there’s more demand that we can deliver on locally already, sorry! Yours is a great project.

  • Hello,

    My name is Adeel Ahmad. I am living in Hounslow since January 2023 as an asylum seeker.
    I heard that you could help in getting bicycle.
    I need a bicycle. Can you help me.



    • Hi Adeel,

      We do have a list of people waiting for bike help. You need to go to a referral partner like Biasan and they can get you on the list.

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