Thornton – Bradford

UPDATE: Only running by arrangement

This bike bus was being led by Daz on Mondays. He can be contacted on 07737058464 and his email is but he’s been off on his travels around the world!

If you’d like to ride this route, or help with it, and Darren’s not around – e-mail us at

To Bradford

Location Time Notes
Thornton Co-op 08:07
Fairweather Green Fire Station 08:15
Mercedez Benz Showroom 08:21
Capital of Cycling (Bradford) 08:30

To Thornton

Location Time Notes
Capital of Cycling (Bradford) 17:30
Mercedez Benz Showroom 17:40
Fairweather Green Fire Station 17:48
Thornton Co-op 18:00

All rides are undertaken at your own risk and you are responsible for your own health and safety.If you have ridden or plan to ride this bus it will help us out if you could complete this form.

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