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Lessons last up to 2 hours.

Free, socially distanced cycle training is being made available to help more people living and working in West Yorkshire to travel by bike.   

The cycle training scheme is being delivered as part of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority’s CityConnect programme, which is aimed at enabling more people to travel by bike and on foot, in partnership with local authorities.

Whether people want to learn to ride for the first time, get back on a bike having not cycled in years or develop their skills and confidence riding on the road – there’s a session for everyone.  

The sessions will be available at venues across West Yorkshire to anyone aged 16 plus. Bikes will be available for those without their own. 

Location: Unless otherwise stated, the lessons take place at Capital of Cycling, BD1 5SD.

Our professional trainer will work with you to assess your needs and to get you up and running in a friendly, stress-free manner, at your pace.

The lessons are delivered in a traffic-free environment and you can attend as many as you like, but places are limited to three students per session, so please book. All equipment is provided. Belongings and other items can be safely stored on the premises while the sessions are going on.

Generally, you should only need one or two sessions at each level to progress. Please do not book more than 3 slots at a time, in order to allow fair access to these activities.

Which course do you need?

Learn to ride – for the complete beginner 

‘Learn to Ride’ cycling sessions are for adults who have not yet learned to set off and pedal a bike for themselves. The session starts by showing you all the essential safety checks you need then you’ll be fitted to your bike. The focus is then on steering and braking and confidence building.  The sessions are broken down into small achievable tasks making them good fun. We will be in a large indoor space (well ventilated). It is well away from the general public. Class sizes at this time are limited to 3 per session. Masks to be worn throughout the session. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a drink with you. Toilets available on site. 

Level 1 – adult sessions for beginners 

Level 1 Cycling Sessions are for people who can pedal a bike, but are wanting to learn new skills or rebuild their confidence in their existing cycling skills away from traffic. 

We start with setting off correctly, basic manoeuvring, and braking. Over the course we build up to looking over your shoulder without wobbling and taking one hand off the handlebars to complete a signal. 

These skills are all useful in an off road setting using parkland, towpaths and segregated cycleways. 

These skills are essentials skills required to start the level 2 road skills course

Individual Lessons – confidence building, commuting, group cycling

If you can already ride, but need help working out a commute, getting confidence on the road or building up to joining a cycling group, you can book a one to one or small group session.  These can be arranged according to availability of our instructors.  Please e-mail with your name, a contact phone number and some information about what you’d like this lesson to help you with.

We also run Level 2 – Introduction to On-Road Cycling sessions which can be booked here.

Covid-19 Safety Procedures

We aim to sanitise surfaces and provide a low risk environment, but we ask that you also take the following precautions:

  • Cancel your booking if you have any Covid-19 like symptoms including a cough or cold. Do not attend if you have had recent contact with anyone who symptomatic or likely to have Covid-19. You will not be charged for a cancellation.
  • Sanitise your hands before you arrive and use hand-gel upon arrival.
  • Wear an appropriate face covering.  We can provide one at a cost of £1.
  • Wait to be invited in, and keep physically distanced from instructor and fellow students. Keep to designated areas and don’t wander around touching things of interest.
  • Stay Alert: If you have any concerns or worries, please let us know what they are.
  • Inform us of any health conditions that you feel we should know about in advance.
  • Toilets: If you need to use them close the lid before flushing, wipe handles and surfaces you might have touched with a provided Dettol wipe and of course wash your own hands. Use provided paper towels to dry your hands and place them in the lidded bin.
  • Helmets: We recommended that you buy your own helmet. You can buy one from us at a cost of £20. We do have a stock of other helmets that you can borrow if you can’t afford a helmet, and these will be wiped with anti-bacterial cleanser between uses.

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Comments 7

  • I was just wondering whether my request to book a cycling lesson on Thurs 10/09/20 at 12:30pm went through. The lesson was available but when booking (without an account) there was no confirmation. When reloading the page no lesson was available.

    • Hi Haaris – I don’t see any booking in the system with your name or e-mail that you’ve used for this comment I’m afraid. It could be somebody booked the last one just before you unless you’ve used some other details. You can e-mail with these to check if you have.

  • Hi I have booked a class for Thursday 1.10.2020 afternoon 2.30. Could you please let me know the address where the class is held.
    Thank you

  • Hi! I’ve sent an email… please can you teach my 14yr old son (who has no experience at all) to ride a bike? I have tried but failed 😞 thanks.. Amanda

    • Hi Amanda, at the moment we’re not running any lessons because of the lock-down restrictions. Do drop us a line again when they’re lifted and we’ll see if we can help. It could be we could help with a one-on-one lesson for example.