Adult Lessons are back!

We’re offering Adult Learn to Ride and Adult Confidence Building Cycle Lessons once again, and they’re running on Thursdays.

We’re limiting group sizes to four and doing what we can to make the activities as safe as possible, and being as cautious as possible – but we think it’s time.

Thanks for your patience and we apologise to those who have repeatedly e-mailed about this, but hopefully the wait will be worth it!

The lessons run on Thursday afternoon and if successful we’ll be extending them to other times.

If you have any other needs for private instruction etc. then feel free to drop us a line at

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Covid-19 Safety Procedures

We aim to sanitise surfaces and provide a low risk environment, but we ask that you also take the following precautions:

  • Cancel your booking if you have any Covid-19 like symptoms including a cough or cold. Do not attend if you have had recent contact with anyone who symptomatic or likely to have Covid-19. You will not be charged for a cancellation.
  • Sanitise your hands before you arrive and use hand-gel upon arrival.
  • Wait to be invited in, and keep physically distanced from instructor and fellow students. Keep to designated areas and don’t wander around touching things of interest.
  • Mask use: this is optional but do feel free to wear one.
  • Stay Alert: If you have any concerns or worries, please let us know what they are.
  • Inform us of any health conditions that you feel we should know about in advance.
  • Toilets: these are available but they are meant for staff rather than public use. If you need to use them in an emergency, close the lid before flushing, wipe handles and surfaces you might have touched with a Dettol wipe and of course wash your own hands. Use provided paper towels to dry your hands and place them in the lidded bin.
  • Helmets: We recommended that you buy your own helmet. You can buy one from us at a cost of £25. We do have a stock of other helmets that you can borrow if you can’t afford a helmet, but we will ask you to put your name on it and keep it for your sole use until you are no longer attending lessons.

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