About us

Capital of Cycling was born in 2017 out of a coalition of cycling organisations in Bradford. It was formed to bring together all the wonderful work being done to promote cycling in Bradford.

We are a small team of 7 employees, most of whom work part time.

We have access to a workshop area where we teach maintenance classes, teach skills to volunteers, do up bikes for community groups and run drop-in sessions for members of the public to fix their own bikes.

Our indoor track is used by other community organisations to offer weather proof cycling activity and for us to run cycle lessons in the dry.

We work with other community organisations to help them develop community cycling activity. Rather than treating cycling as an elite sport, we see it as something for everyone, that has the power to change how people move around our city – for the better. We think we need to grow cycling in Bradford to improve the local environment – with better air quality and reduced emissions. We also think it can improve prospects for local businesses and communities by encouraging a more ‘present’ and convivial ways of being in public space.

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