Track Hire Rates

You can hire our cycle track for use for cycling or other activities.  We also have a fleet of bikes which can be used included indoors for this fee, or hired for your session.  There is a kitchen area as well as other facilities such as ping pong tables in the space.

The rates will vary depending on the availability of our staff to supervise and open up for you, and we also have peak times which are more popular at Weekends.

The standard rates are:

£10 per hour during our normal working hours (10-5pm Mon-Fri)

£15 per hour outside these times *

(* because we either have to open up especially or we have to induct a responsible person from your organisation into the opening up/security procedure).

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss it further ( – or ring the number above during working hours)

Other parts of the building are also available for hire or use to facilitate community activities and events.  We have a large meeting space suitable for screenings and so on, and also can offer bike storage and other facilities.  Do get in touch if you’d like to work with us

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